Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Facebook stole my soul.

Well, not really, but that's where I've been hanging out during the limited amount of computer time I have. The great thing about fb is that I can chat while baking or doing other housework, and the short little bursts lend themselves more to my lifestyle than blogging these days, it seems.

I want to thank all of you who have reached out to check in--I'm really humbled by the care and consideration.

I haven't lost interest in the farm blog, but we've had a difficult year here, and I find it hard to be inspired to write about the farm when life itself is in limbo. Jim quite understandably grew tired of his hellish work commute, and we've gone back and forth over the past six months or so about whether we should sell the farm, whether he should quit his job, and any number of other potential solutions. We've decided to stay put for a while longer and find ways to feel less tied down by the farm, so we're in the market for a good farm sitter if you know any.

Of course, the fact that we've all gotten into skiing/ snowboarding this winter has helped make our decision easier as well. Being 15 minutes from the slopes has its appeal! We just need to free ourselves more for summer beach trips that will help feed our souls.

We've gotten lots of snow this winter season, which has been wonderful, but unfortunately brought the collapse of one of our high tunnels and the loss of a litter of piglets. As with everything in life, there are ups and downs.

I'll post more pictures and updates soon, but for now, a teaser photo of some of the animals enjoying the snowy day.


Anne said...

Hey! My husband and I live a few hours away in Alexandria VA, and I subscribe to your blog because we hope to make the move to homesteading in the next few years and I'm trying to learn as much as possible. It sounds like our needs may match-- maybe we could be farm-sitters for you occasionally, giving you a break and gaining valuable experience for our own account. Please feel free to follow the link to my blog and email me if this sounds like an interesting possibility to you!

Sarah said...

I was so glad to see a post from you in my feed! I didn't know you were on Facebook!

I hear you on deciding how life's going to work and tweaking it constantly. I've been struggling with the same issues here. Not moving off of the land, but maybe not having as many animal duties that have to be constantly attended to. I'm really wanting to camp and hike with my kids this summer, and that doesn't mesh really well with milking.

Country Girl said...

Cool pic. FB stole my soul for a bit too. It can be addicting. BTW, how are you liking your stove?

Teri said...

SO glad to see you back on here! Looking forward to more.

Danielle said...

Anne, that sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship! I'll definitely be in touch. My email is danielle at touchtheearthfarm dot com

Woody said...

Well...I'm glad to read that you're still sucking air! I was hoping that all was well with ya'll. I have been bitten by the facebook thing too.


Sylvie said...

Glad to see you back. One always wonders when somebody takes a long blogging rest without notice if that was wanted or if bad things happened.

Funny, I have decided Facebook is not for me! We all have to see the format that works, life is busy enough and interesting enough without more cybertime!

Welcome back, I do hope things work out for your family. And you don't have to do long post - short ones work too.