Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank you, Sir; may I have another?

Getting crushed by yet another winter storm. We have more than 12 additional inches on the ground now, and the snow is up to my crotch. Granted, I'm not all that tall at 5'3.5", but still!

Farm dogs are now in the mud room. Piggies are now in the barn. High tunnel dug out yet again, but without collapsing this time (hopefully!). Jim went out last night to clear it off, and I was out again this morning at around 5:30 am. By that point we'd already had 10" of snow.


Madeline Rains said...

WoW!! I came here to get a link to your wonderful old blog for a woman who is doing a workshop in which she is going to use what I've said about farming and homeschooling going well together. I told her that You are the farm woman to look at! And here you are blogging again. Might even make me do a post. ; ) How great that you're on the slopes a lot. THe kids and N are on their way home from their first time ever. OK. I'll leave some room for the rest of your fans now. xo

Woody said...

That is just refriggindiculus..We have just been on the edges of this string of storms. I can't say that I'm not pleased with missing out. I would guess the positive would be a slow melt and end of ya'lls drought. Stay warm.

Shari said...

Great to see you back on the blog!! I'm so sorry to hear about you losing the piglets and your misfortunate tunnel event though. I have 3 Cornish hens in rehab in my basement as we speak. This weather has really taken its toll.
I hope you can rethink the farm thing. I don't know if you saw "Glenn Beck" the other night, but when he asked his guest authors what the average individual could do to get through this rough time, a 'SUIT' no less said, "Get a farm, learn how to grow food, and know how to protect you and your family [in reference to firearms I believe]." Scarey.
The thing is ... you've already made it. And you're such an inspiration to others. You're one of the very few blogs I follow.
As for snow ... I never knew you could use snow as handrails after digging a path to the barn. And 6 more inches coming this way on Monday? This is just wrong.

Northwoods Baby said...

I need to talk high tunnels. Can you guys give me some advice on laying them out before putting the rebar in? My skillz at eyeballing straight lines are less than non-existent. I didn't see an email address anywhere around or I'd have sent this directly. Thanks! -NWB