Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally, Some Sense

According to a recent New York Times article, Texas governor Rick Perry has requested that the EPA requirements to add an everincreasing amount of ethanol to gas be relaxed:

Mr. Perry says the billions of bushels of corn being used to produce all that mandated ethanol would be better suited as livestock feed than as fuel. Feed prices have soared in the last two years as fuel has begun competing with food for cropland.

“When you find yourself in a hole, you have to quit digging,” Mr. Perry said in an interview. “And we are in a hole.” His request for an emergency waiver cutting the ethanol mandate to 4.5 billion gallons, from the 9 billion gallons required this year and the 10.5 billion required in 2009, is backed by a coalition of food, livestock and environmental groups.

A decision is expected soon, though apparently the request has been met with lobbying from farmers and ethanol producers objecting to the freeze.

Here's to hoping that the EPA makes the sensible decision.


tansy said...

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Madeline said...

Great! I hope it spurs on more recognition of the hole. We were told that ethanol mixed into gas decreases our mileage (in the hybrid anyway). So I am only going to buy non mixed gas.

Woolysheep said...

I have also read that American ethanol is almost as dirty as gasoline carbonwise. Something about the chemical difference between ethanol made from cane sugar (cleaner) and that made from corn. It had something to do with the number of carbon atoms that each plant gives off when utilized. Of course I may have been reading crap.

How about turning some of those cornfields into grass pasture instead of feed for CAFO's so the livestock we raise is healthier both on the hoof and on the plate?

Verde said...

Yea, turns out Ethanol is dirty and non-sustainable. Good post, I hadn't heard this