Saturday, April 29, 2006

Garden Bones

I finished planting most of the permanent features of the kitchen garden this week. I planted and then replanted 25 asparagus crowns, 100 strawberry plants, 20 blackberry plants and 20 raspberry canes. One of these days I need to post a sketch of the garden, but it's a large square, with a large central path and several smaller paths, which you can kind of see in a previous post.

I haven't yet figured out where to grow my sunflowers, and I have a separate bed in a pasture hollow for the melons and perhaps the squash as well and Jim has a large plot for the sweet corn, pumpkins and potatoes. I purchased a dwarf heirloom popping corn for my garden and all the usual herbs, tomatoes, peppers, greens, beans, etc. will be in there as well.

The blackberries and raspberries each run the whole length of one side. On the back of the garden, I have 3 dwarf apples and 3 dwarf pears that I'm going to try to espalier, and on the front of the garden I have six grape vines growing. I've tried to set the berries far enough inside the goat fencing that the goaties won't be able to nibble them through the fence, and because they're on the outside, I'll be able to put up bird netting relatively easily should I need it.

The blueberries are planted in our yard along the boundary as a hedge plant--seven of them. Those will be much more difficult to net because they're free standing.

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