Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drunkard Paths and Rock Rakin'--a.k.a. Practicing Potager

Why is it that men seem to get all the big engine-powered toys while women--or should I just say me and stop making sweeping gender generalizations--get to do all the hard work with manual tools? Eh, I should stop complaining--garden building's a way better work out than any nautilus machine! While Jim had fun plowing up my garden and disc-ing it with his 16hp Massey-Ferguson, I get to rake out all the rocks he turned over and create the layout and permanent path structure--all that finishing work that's so fun to conceptualize and so painful to implement.

Unfortunately, we don't have nearly enough leftover brick from the house to create all the walking paths between the beds that I'll need, so my plan is to use the bricks to ouline the paths while I plant grass seed, keeping the seed from entering the garden plots. Once I figured out how many bricks I had, I laid them out in the general design I was hoping to create. What a drunken path I made!

Luckily, I had three handy helpers to measure and set the lines with me to create a straighter path--when they weren't running through the paths playing tag, that is.

The final layout came out pretty cool, and once the seed on this half of the garden germinates, I'll flip all the bricks over to the other half of the garden and do the same all over again. You can kind of see the apples at the back of the garden, the grapes at the front, and the tilled up line down the side for the raspberry plants, which will create a living fence inside the wire one. The key will be setting the fruit plants far enough back from the fence that the goaties can't stick their heads in to munch some tasty treats all the way down to the ground!

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