Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Offense Punishable by the Gods

Hubris, that is.

"Sheer Brilliance" the Aftermath:

Top heavy, plastic-covered carts don't do well in the wind. *sigh* Yup, Jim suggested this might happen as well, and I forgot to try to stabilize it with bricks on the bottom shelf. The winds weren't even that strong, so I'm not sure in retrospect if bricks would even have been enough. I'm considering trying to anchor it to the truck with bungees somehow because it's still a really good idea....

With a few major flaws.

Right now, I have the plastic spread out in my garage waiting for me to sift through for the seeds. These are all tomatoes and pepper plants, with a few eggplants tossed in. Yes, it'll be one hell of a mixed up mess, but it seems a sin to just throw away that many seeds. Not to mention losing at least one more week as I wait for new seeds to arrive in the mail. Argghhhh!

C'mon Jenny, does this kill ya or what?

Sheer Brilliance, Take Two:

I was able to save maybe 75% of the seed I'd guesstimate. The peppers were easy—big and white—so I probably got most of those. The tomatoes were harder, and anything darkish or gray was nearly impossible to find. We'll see what we shall see. We bungeed the cart to a large, stationary object. It shouldn't tip anymore, but the downside is that I can't track the sun quite as well from this anchored position. The wind is whipping as I type, though, so I'm thinking it's a small trade-off.

Updated update: We moved the cart out into the driveway and bungeed it to the truck. Sunshine problem taken care of. We had crazy winds today, and it held up just fine. I was close by.


Madeline said...

:( That bites! I've never said "that bites" before but this is a good time to start. You are so patient (which we all knew) to go through all that mess and save the seeds!

Our new honey bees are not buzzing around the opening lie they were. But it did storm all night, so maybe they are just staying dry inside.

Jenny said...

Oh NO!!!!!

Argh, that's farming though. Before we came out we had a helluva couple of days--a lamb got trampled by a cow, we flooded out a new onion bed that had just been dug, and the chickens destroyed a couple of beds of new seedlings--twice!

I guess the good thing is that they weren't already 4 inches tall and beautiful.

Maybe you could dump all those seeds into a patch of land somewhere and grow a "grab bag" garden--might be fun to see what you get.

Nita said...

Ouch - it seems it is always something. Smart me I used some piled up row cover to protect my pepper and tomato starts from the cold two nights ago and I guess there were some army caterpillars all tucked inside and hungry, they ate the leaves on the peppers and then of course since it was so warm yesterday, I left the doors open on the greenhouse and the friendly and hungry birds decided to "help." My solanums are a mess. I feel your pain.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the commiseration. I do so hate it when stuff like this happens. Jenny and Nita, you're so kind to share your own mishaps to help me from feeling too much the fool.

Hopefully, this was a small snafu and a morning's worth of work and all will be fine.

Christy said...

Ugh! Things are never easy are they? I hope you managed to save most of the seeds.

Woody said...

I don't know if I would have had the patience to pick out the seed. That just sucks! I thought your mini house on wheels was a great idea but with the winds we had here the last couple of days I would have had the same results. Even cinder blocks on the bottom shelf wouldn't have helped much.


Ren said...

Ugh...that sounds so heartbreaking.


The bees will stay in if it's cooler or windy or cloudy. No worries.:)