Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seed Frenzy!

Hello, my name is Danielle, and I'm a seed-a-holic.

(C'mon now, say it with me: "Heelllooo Danielle!")

Yes, I confess that I have officially succumbed to the midwinter eye-candy catalogs, though I did all my ordering online. Getting the whole CSA thing up and running this year led to wild and wanton abandon when ordering seeds. By the time I was through, I felt giddy and lightheaded—a sure sign of addiction!

Are you ready for this mammoth list? Really, grab yourself a cuppa and sit down—I'll wait.

Many of the following varieties are heirlooms, though not all, and I ended up ordering from four different sources: Southern Exposure, Seed Savers, Johnny's Seeds, and I ended up getting my horseradish from Gurney's.

  • artichoke, "imperial star"
  • bean, "cherokee"
  • bean, "louisiana" purple pole
  • bean, "Isar" yellow french
  • bean, "genuine cornfield" (also have "kentucky wonder" seed saved)
  • bean, "royal burgandy"
  • beet, "chioggia"
  • beet, "lutz"
  • broccoli, "calabrese"
  • broccoli raab
  • brussels sprout, "catskill"
  • cabbage, "Jersey Wakefield"
  • carrot, "oxheart
  • carrot, "chantenay" red core
  • celery, "conquistador"
  • corn, super sweet bi-color
  • cucumber, "diva" slicing
  • cucumber, "boston" pickling
  • eggplant, "black beauty"
  • horseradish
  • kale, "vates"
  • kale, "hanover salad"
  • kohlrabi, purple
  • leek, "blue solaize"
  • lettuce, "black seeded simpson"
  • lettuce, "oakleaf"
  • lettuce, "red salad bowl"
  • lettuce, "yugoslavian red" butterhead
  • lettuce, "speckled bibb"
  • lettuce, "bunte forrellenschuss"
  • lettuce, "winter density"
  • melon, "hales best"
  • melon, "old tennessee"
  • onion, "new york early"
  • onion, "ruby ring"
  • pea, "little marvel"
  • pea, "amish snap"
  • pepper, "California wonder" red bell
  • pepper, "Gourmet" orange bell
  • pepper, hot serrano
  • potato, "Russian Banana" fingerling (we have "red nordland" and "yukon gold" seed potatoes from last year's harvest
  • radish, "French breakfast"
  • spinach, "bloomsdale"
  • spinach, "america"
  • summer squash, "costata"
  • sweet potato, "beauregard"
  • swiss chard, "brigh lights"
  • tomato, "amish paste"
  • tomato, "sun gold"
  • tomato, "gold nugget"
  • tomato, "sweet olive"
  • tomato, "green zebra"
  • tomato, "German red strawberry"
  • tomato, "Brandywine"
  • watermelon, "strawberry"

  • basil, "Genovese" (have lemon basil seed saved)
  • bee balm, multi
  • borage, white
  • borage, wild blue
  • calendula, alpha
  • catnip
  • chamomile, "bodegold"
  • chives, purly
  • chives, garlic
  • cilantro, "santo"
  • dill, "Hercules"
  • evening primrose
  • lavendar, "munstead"
  • motherwort
  • mullein
  • oregano, Greek
  • parsley, "Italian dark green" curly
  • sage, common
  • sorrel
  • tarragon, French
  • white sage
  • wild bergamot
  • wormwood


Jenny said...

Hello Danielle,

I'm Jenny, and I too am a seed-a-holic. I used to be a sling-a-holic and long before that a herpetology-book-a-holic. I'm verging on becoming a flamenco-shoe-a-holic.

Oh but the seeds, the seeds! There is something so sacred about them--the promise of new life, the great sustenance they can provide from such small beginnings. My list is almost as long as yours!


karl said...

we just got our seeds from bakercreek. the excitement is building.

Rue said...

Tag - You're it :o). See my blog for details.