Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay, yah, I admit it—I've been missing in action lately.

First, there was the totally unsustainable vacation we took to Disney World that we all absolutely loved! Of course, the amount of daily waste was absolutely staggering—in Disney, of course, but also at my mom's house where she recycles—get this—absolutely nothing! Yes, you read it right—absolutely nothing.

By the end of the trip, I was physically pained, unable to push the wanton disregard to the back of my mind any longer. Not only I, but the kids as well, as Em made me promise to bring the Lego cardboard surround 1000 miles home to recycle.

There's nothing quite like going out into the real world to realize just how much we are really doing. As a family of five, we put out one garbage can a week, and I wish it were less! It would be if I could get Jim to agree to let me burn more, but he argues that it creates really bad build-up in the flue. We're able to recycle most paper products, though, so it's really only the unburnable stuff that goes into the garbage. I save all the plastic containers that I can't recycle (our county only takes #1 and #2), and I reuse plastic bags whenever possible. Still more work to be done.

The other really big project I've been working on is getting our CSA up and running as a reality rather than a dream: Touch the Earth Farm. I'm really quite pleased with how it's come out, and the kids and Jim are really excited, too.

Wish us luck!


Christy said...

We were at my Grandmother's for Christmas and she doesn't recycle either. My aunt and I were fighting over who was going to bring the recylables home with them!

Kristianna said...

Your CSA site looks GREAT! You must be so organized and work very hard to pull everything off.

I am going to join a CSA this year and now you've prompted me to research and find a CSA in our area. Thank you!


Danielle said...

Thanks, K.

I'm really looking forward to the adventure!