Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tools and Goals 2008

To Do 2008:

  • put seed order together
  • pull roosters from laying flock
  • set up breeding flocks
  • start microgreens
  • begin sprouting
  • start seedlings
  • continue watering in tunnel
  • clean up strawberries
  • move berries
  • finish fencing
  • finish painting barn
  • plant trees
  • schedule pig butcher
  • order egg cartons
  • learn to shear sheep
  • shear sheep
  • buy ram
  • buy buck
  • feelers for Dexter Jersey heifer
  • Jules' rabbits
  • order bees
  • build bee hives
  • learn to make goat's milk soap
  • use the pressure canner
  • plant more medicinal plants
  • learn to make tinctures and infusions
  • harvest more wild edibles
  • continue working on hedgerows
  • rework front yard into edible/ medicinal garden
  • learn to tan hides
  • learn to use our drop spindle
  • learn to felt
  • save seeds √√
  • second high tunnel
  • make Navajo spindles
  • round bale contacts
  • well pump

Tools for 2008:

  • air tight storage bins for larder
  • bike
  • butcher knife
  • butter molds
  • candle molds
  • canoe
  • cheese press
  • dutch oven
  • Foxfire series
  • hand-pump or solar well
  • herbal preparation guides
  • hot water bottles
  • ice cream maker
  • irrigation lines
  • Little House on the Praire series
    (Thanks Maggie!)
  • meatgrinder/ sausage stuffer
  • milk machine
  • mortar and pestle
  • Nutrimill grain mill
  • pressure canner
  • tanning tools and guides
  • water tanks
  • wind up led flashlights/ headlamps
  • wool carders
  • Yogotherm small cooler instead


Christy said...

You did awesome this year! I can only check 3 or 4 things off of my list. But 2009 will be much better!

Susannah said...

Danielle, great job in 2008! Everyone should be very proud -that's quite a lot of work (and fun!). I live in northern VT on a "micro diversified farm", he he. Other than the CSA, we do many of the same things and share the self sufficiency goals. I'll be working on my master lists for 2009 myself soon. I really enjoy reading your blog - thanks for taking the time to write for us :)

Woolysheep said...

Wow. You were busy this year :)

I have a blog typing question for you.

How do you make the checkmarks you have after some of your items?

Danielle said...

Thanks guys!

Christy, my goodness, I imagine your 2009 will be better—you were in such a holding pattern with the move that it made getting anything done nearly impossible! Limbo is incredibly draining.

Thanks Susannah. I used to think I wanted to live in New England. Now, I'm such a cold-wuss that I'm about as far north as I want to be. Besides, I love my growing season! I'm always so impressed by folks who grow in the cold parts of the country.

Woolysheep: I code my own lists using html. I don't like the blogger list widget because I can't do stuff like cross out or check off. The cross out is del and /del and the checks, which are really square roots, is & #8730; but without the space between the & and the #.

Folks can also code the degree symbol by using & deg; again without the space.

Hope that helps!

Danielle said...

Geesh, that & is supposed to be an ampersand, but it looks really wacky.

Woolysheep said...

Thanks for the tips!