Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid-Winter CSA

This is our first year offering an annual share through the dark days of winter, and I think it's going pretty well so far, though I hope it will be even better next year. This year, we had tomatoes in the space for the high tunnel until October because of the warm weather, meaning that our winter crops didn't go in early enough. They're doing well and should be great early spring crops, but they really needed to be in the ground sooner for winter harvest.

Next year, since we've doubled the size of the market garden, my plan is to dedicate the kitchen garden entirely to herbs, greens, and winter crops, so there will be no waiting for a crop to finish out the season before we can plant for the winter. We should have all winter crops fully grown by the time we go into December, January, and February, allowing me to harvest all winter long. This year, the microgreens were a way to get around that lag time.

In this week's share bag:
  • farm fresh eggs
  • mixed baby greens (tatsoi, raab, beet, spinach, kale, red butterhead lettuce, capitan lettuce, salad bowl lettuce, romaine)
  • spicy salad mix microgreens
  • sorrel
  • thyme
  • citrus thyme
  • rosemary


Erikka said...

Hi. I randomly found your blog through Christy's blog. If this is too personal to share on your blog, please email me at smadaakkire at gmail dot com. BUT! Do you have a internship/learning component on your farm? I saw a posting for an internship at this incredible sounding farm in Maryland and how bizarre would it be if it were your farm?

Danielle said...

No, Erikka, that's not me. We're very, very small—just ten members. There are some fabulous CSA's around here though.

Thanks for dropping by!