Monday, September 10, 2007

Farm Painting

Our friend, Tom Annear, is an artist interested in capturing the changing landscapes and the environmental effects of those changes through oil painting. He became enamored with our landscape while visiting our home and has created landscape paintings here for the past two years during his visits. This particular painting will be appearing in an upcoming show, "Landscapes of Change," at the Olean Public Library in Olean, New York.

After that, it will be appearing on my wall.

I love the details he captures—the contours of the land, the use of pasture and paddock, the placement of gardens and structures.


Madeline said...

How beautiful. What a wonderful way to be able to see your farm!

Nicolas said that you had to pick today. Wow! it was hard for me to get the energy to do laundry, let alone a lot of farming after your long solo drive. Hope you get some rest now. It was so good to see you IRL.

Danielle said...

Isn't it awesome? I'm so in love with it and feel so privileged to be able to take that little bit of our farm with us where ever we may end up. I just know it will be one of my most special paintings until the day I leave this world.

Yes, I had CSA pick-ups yesterday, which is why we didn't stay for the picnic. I could feel myself running down and didn't trust myself to be able to drive late into the night. Of course, I woke up even more run down, and by the end of the day yesterday, both Em and I had full blown colds. My mom called, and she's got it too. Sam and Jules are fine so far, knock on wood. Hopefully the alcohol level in that "water" we were passing around at the dance was enough to prevent me spreading this to any of you all.

Nicolas asked what I'd be picking, and I said I had no idea really. I knew I'd be coming home to a jungle, between the recent rain and no one being there to keep up with the gardens. Still, it was a pretty good haul yesterday. Luckily, everyone came later in the 11-3 window, 'cuz I was moving pretty slowly and was about an hour late pulling everything together.

Jim had a rotisserie chicken, sauteed beans and cherry tomatoes, pasta, and fresh bread ready as soon as we walked in the door on Sunday. Man, we all tucked in like we hadn't eaten in, well, days! *g* I lost about 5 lbs last week between the food and the walking. It's so good to be home!

I'm so, so excited to come see you guys in December! I already told Jim we plan to head out again—maybe not the best timeing. I kept getting fly-by conversations with Nicolas, getting to ask different questions each time, but never really getting to talk with him as much as I would have liked.

Christy said...

It is a beautiful painting. And done after all the changes you did this spring. Do you have paintings from before you did all the paddocks?

Woody said...

What an awesome gift. That is just so cool that someone would paint an impression of what your hard work and love has accomplished in a landscape.

farmingfriends said...

What a beautiful painting. Something to treasure. Such a personal gift. Just priceless.
Sara from farmingfriends

Madeline said...

We can't wait to have you for a loong conversation here!

Jessica said...

How beautiful, and nice for us to see where you and Sam and Emily and Julia live! Ella thought it was gorgeous!
Love, Jessica