Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This week's CSA Share

Since several folks asked about a single share, I pulled one together for a photo this week. Here's the share listing on the board and below is what the actual share looks like. The muskmelon looks funny because it's wrapped in saran wrap, which is reflecting the flash. This week we finally got some rain, which unfortunately cracked several of the tomatoes, so this week in addition to their slicing tomato, folks were free to take some cracked fruit as well.


Christy said...

That's a nice looking share! I'm impressed.

jenn said...

YUM! love your blog :)

all the best,

Madeline said...

Beautiful. I am going to link to this blog on my links instead of your unschooling one. You inspire me to farm more; not too much more, but more - which is good. : > )