Friday, June 29, 2007

My first cheese!

I made my first batch of chevre last weekend, and it was really tasty and relatively easy. The hardest part has been milking Latte and saving enough milk to actually be able to use.

I got my cheese supplies from, along with a book and dvd that came in a beginner's kit. I'd highly recommend both, as they made the process much easier. I also really appreciated the advice of friends and the wonderful Fias-Co Farm website.

I thawed the milk overnight in the refrigerator, and the longest part of the process was bringing the milk up to the proper temperature. I ended upovershooting a bit and had to let it cool down some before adding the culture. I then let it set for 12 hours. By about 11pm that night, I was ready to ladle the curds into a cheesecloth and hang overnight to finish draining the whey. Unfortunately, I didn't think to save any of the whey for the piggies or baking, but I will next time.

I ended up splitting the batch in two so I could make one plain and one herbed chevre, knowing Jules really wanted her own plain goat cheese. To flavor mine, I used fresh parsley and chives from the garden and a clove of minced garlic. Mmmmmm! We've been enjoying fresh goat cheese all week! I'm looking forward to making yogurt this week flavored with our delicious homegrown black raspberries.


Christy said...

How cool! I've been wanting to make mozzarella but haven't been able to find rennett anywhere locally. I was hoping to avoid ordering it online but may not have a choice.

Madeline said...

You almost make me want a goat. If I lived on the farm, maybe. I'd rather be closer to your farm and your cheese.

Whey is great for making oatmeal and beans more digestible (I never thought I had a problem with either until I tried this and now like both so much better). This is from the weston-price diet in Sally Fallon's _Nourishing Traditions_ cookbook:

You put oats and warm water (ratio of 1-1) in a bowl with a tbls. of whey and leave it overnight. In the morning you add a cup of water (more if needed) and salt and it cooks really quickly.

Add some whey with warm water to beans when soaking them and it pre-digests them.

I order whey from an Amish farmer. It's great stuff. You could sell it.

Jenny said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE chevre. Like Madeline, it's the only thing that would make me want a goat. I do have friends who make it but I don't get it often because no one else in the family likes it.

Can't wait to taste yours in person!

Silvia said...

Love the name Latte for a goat!

Danielle said...

Hey, I made my first cheese a couple weeks ago too! Totally loved it. I've only had my goat for six weeks or so. She gives me just about 2 quarts everyday with one milking. Gotta love goat's milk!!!!

Danielle said...

I just checked out your blog, Danielle—thanks for leaving a comment.

2 quarts is great! I wish I were getting more, and I now have dreams of a small jersey cow. This cheesemaking stuff is addictive!