Thursday, May 03, 2007

Meet Maya

This is one of our most recent additions to our farm. Isn't she sweet? Maya is a tamworth gilt, and we plan on keeping her for breeding here at Touch the Earth Farm. In the left photo, she's not too sure about heading out into the great big world she'd been hearing from the safety of her stall, but as you can see, she adjusted quickly. Not long and she was ruling the barnyard, chasing chickens out of her holes and ruffling the turkeys' feathers. She's as sweet as can be and especially loves to have her belly scratched. She'll follow us around when we're out in the pasture and even fall asleep at our feet! Maya promises to be an excellent sow with her disposition, and I look forward to spending many years being her friend.


karl said...

congratulations maya seems like a wonderful find.

Jenny said...

Fin the Mini Jersey bull calf just joined us this week as well. Look for photos on my blog soon! Can't wait to meet Maya this fall.

Madeline said...

so cute! I would want to be Fern and pull up a chair to be near her.

I tried to get back on this ring a few times and it has me listed form before so I can't start over; but I dont' have the ring site ID anymore. Can you give me the ID? Course, my blog isn't always about farming but it is more than before!