Saturday, March 18, 2006

First Plow

This week, Jim plowed the gardens with a single bottom plow he was able to borrow from the neighbor down the road. He turned over a large vegetable patch up near the house for me, a small melon patch in one of the hollows of the back pasture and large plot behind the meadow and back pasture where he'll be planting sweet corn, popcorn, yukon gold potatoes and pumpkins. He was a bit concerned about whether the 16 hp tractor would be able to pull the single plow, but it ended up to doing a solid job. After plowing the gardens, he was able to borrow a disc from the neighbor next door and break up the big clods. We should be ready to go in a few weeks with the veggie gardens. Now, to get my seeds and asparagus crowns ordered!

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